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Michael Holtkamp

Dissertation published

Today, I published my doctoral thesis. Its title is “The Wider Impacts of Transport Infrastructure Investments: Agglomeration and Imperfect Competition in General Equilibrium”. At the library of Kiel University, the thesis is freely accessible: PDF. All information regarding my doctoral thesis is available at Dissertation.

Podcasts by Graukaue

Under the label “Graukaue” (, I publish podcasts. The first and hitherto only podcast is called “Die Kieler Kurvenschubser” ( This is an economics podcast which I record together with Andre Wolf. Both the website and the podcast episodes are in German.


Welcome to my blog. My name is Micha. I’m an economist and podcaster. I currently work as a research/teaching assistant at Kiel University‘s Institute for Environmental, Resource and Spatial Economics. Also, I’m a candidate in the Doctoral Program Quantitative Economics. I had previously studied International Economics at this university.


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